29 October 2017

New LOYD Tea Promotion Set

See our new LOYD Tea Promotion Set with two teas in pyramids and a unique Jar !

Once again LOYD brings to all of you a special product ! The new LOYD Tea Promotion Set ! It contains an outstanding & trendy Mason Jar with a lid and a straw. It's a perfect gift for everyone. The set also contains two exceptional teas: a Green Tea with Raspberry and a Forest Fruit infusion That’s what LOYDs all about – the Magic Experience.



2 x LOYD Tea + 450 ml Ice Cold Drink Jar with a straw and a lid.
Capacity 450 ml
Material: glass, metal, plastic
A straw and a lid are included in the set
The jar is not heat-resistant, maximum fluid temperature is 60 degrees Celsius.

The jar is not suitable for hot beverages.
Do not fill with very hot (>60°C) water.
The temperature jump might cause breakages.
Glasses jar (without lid and drinking straws) are suitable for dishwasher.
Caution: Fragile.

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